CDN - Content Delivery Network

CDN - Content Delivery Network

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a distributed server system designed for providing a mass user services through sharing static content such as: films, photos, databases, presentations while sustaining high efficiency and reliability.

CDN advantages

CDN Skynode technology allows placing any number of data on a platform which ensures quick and efficient capacity. The system distributes data, making them quickly and easily accessible. At the same time, it makes downloading content and browsing it by many users possible, while maintaining high accessibility. CDN Skynode eliminates the problem of a lengthened time websites loading entirely, through optimum content location.

Distribution of CDN Skynode data:

  • Shortens response time
  • Allows multiple simultaneous users to comfortably access the shared content at the same time
  • Increases the safety of data storage

CDN Skynode allows distributing www applications, several servers of content in a very safe and efficient way.

Service price and details

Data transfer 0,005 €/GB net
Data storage 0,047 €/GB net

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