Data center

Data center

Skynode has two professional server rooms, ensuring the highest quality of services, safety as well as suitable technical parameters.

Skynode safe data center

Technological infrastructure of our server rooms makes the failure risk only slight. Thanks to systematically performed tests and technical reviews our hardware works reliably. Our server rooms are professionally secured equipped with emergency power supply systems, emergency internet connections, system of early warning and informing technical staff about failures. For safety reasons only authorized administrators have access to the server rooms. The reliability of our services is guarded by a quick response team which takes care of safe and efficient operating of our servers 24/7. Skynode server rooms are the best environment for your servers.

Where are the Skynode server rooms located?

Two independent Skynode server rooms are located in Warsaw within a distance of about 6 km from each other, forming a part of the Warsaw optic fiber network.

Technical specification
Data center 1 Data center 2
Air conditioning
Temperature 21°C (+/-4°C) 21°C (+/-4°C)
Way of cooling Ventilation and air conditioning Ventilation and air conditioning
Fire hazard early warning system
Power supply
UPS & backup generators
230 V AC
48 V AC
400 V AC
Maximum power density 14 kW / rack 14 kW / rack
Closed, secure rack cabinets
The electronic enter control system to server rooms
Technical support
Technical support 24/7 24/7
Proactive monitoring 24/7 24/7
Support in hardware instalation
Service level
Power availability 99,99% 99,99%

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