Backup Skynode is your data safety guarantee. Professional technological infrastructure ensures credible data protection. An innovative backing system allows storing any number of copies of an unlimited quantity of data. Our technology is scalable, flexible – adjusted to individual needs of your company. Backup Skynode offers the space needed and professional tools; administrator can configure the backup freely, adapting it to requirements and needs. Company’s databases, files, documents are copied a number of times, secured and can be freely made accessible on request. Backup Skynode is a personalized system of data protection in a cloud.

How does it work
  • You buy space - we send you all the information needed on how to get access and manage the service.
  • We provide the tool - to configure your backup, its frequency and size and other parameters chosen (if you wish to, our administrator can do this for you, you can find out more in the Servers administration tab).
  • If you run out of space - you can always buy out more or choose the option of automatic buying in case of crossing the limit.
It is a service for:
  • Our users who wish to enlarge their backup space for dedicated servers or wishing to buy backup for VPS servers.
  • For external clients wishing to secure the data from e.g. other servers or another server rooms.

Service price and details

Backup - Storage - 100GB 5 €/month net

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