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General questions

Server is your computer on the internet. It is a possibility of managing its resources freely and dividing them into particular functions. Server makes it possible maintain
  • a company’s www site,
  • e-mail accounts,
  • databases,
  • websites’ servicing,
  • storing files,
  • preparing backup versions of files,
  • internet forums’
  • blogs’ servicing.
Server is reliable equipment, constantly connected to the Web, operating 24/7. Our servers ensure safety and verify identity by means of logging in. Moreover, you have at your disposal constant support of IT specialists.
Hosting is about sharing access to a part of server resources publically. The space in question can be freely used e.g.
  • for e-mail handling,
  • websites handling etc.
Hosting makes it possible to:
  • store a large number of files,
  • www websites,
  • online applications,
  • extensive databases.
Yes, the Skynode Service Office, Technical Support, and Network Operation Center Mevspace are professional technical support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our specialists guarantee fast and efficient help (maximum response time is 24 hours). We provide technical support in all aspects of the services offered. Technical Support and Network Operation Center Mevspace mean the security of your data non-stop.
To report a crash or a problem with the service contact admin@skynode.pl. When you report a problem you will receive a ticket number, and we will contact you within 24 hours.
You can test pinging on the IP address from skynode.eu in Skynode.
Depending on the strength of the attack, we take various steps to do so, including cutting off access to IP addresses and sometimes whole countries. We implement a solution that blocks both volumetric and amplification attacks.
As far as ipv4 addresses are concerned, the cost is as follows:
  • 1 IP address - 1 EUR / month
  • bigger class, please contact us.
Write to our Service Office on admin@skynode.pl and our specialists will do it for you.
From Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. there is a Skynode.eu chat room and telephone: +48 22 112 00.
There is no transfer limit. 30,89TB is the maximum amount of data that can be transferred over a 100Mbps link within 30 days. In the case of 1Gb/s, it will be proportionally more.
If we receive a DMCA complaint, we always send it to the customer you for to take action. You are then obliged to check it. If the report is correct, you must remove the specific content.
Yes, we do. Applications should be sent to info@skynode.pl.

Server rooms

We use three professional server rooms, which ensure the highest quality of service, safety, and optimal technical parameters. The infrastructure of the server room makes the risk of failure negligible, and thanks to systematic tests and technical inspections our equipment work reliably. The server rooms are professionally protected, equipped with emergency power supply systems, backup connections, early warning systems, and instantaneous notifications information about failures to technical staff. For security reasons, only authorized administrators have access to the server room. The reliability of our services is supervised by a rapid response team group, which ensures the security and smooth operation of servers 24/7. The Mevspace server rooms are the optimal environment for your servers.
Two of the three independent MEVSPACE server rooms used by Skynode are located in Warsaw at a distance of about 6 km from each other. Apart from the Warsaw agglomeration, we have our own and modern Data Center built of container modules.


VPS, virtual private server is an independent space on a virtualization server. VPS makes it possible to freely define resources, which will fully answer individual needs. VPS allows you to determine the resources that fully respond to specific needs. VPS is an economic path of beginning to explore the possibilities in our offer.
VPS server is an ideal solution for individual users, small and medium companies. Private virtual server will also form a great base for a professional, commercial blog or vertical portal. Virtual server is also suitable for online companies. These include internet stores or industry forums.

VPS is a perfect solution for those companies which seek a safe and efficient environment to test new web applications and services at a reasonable price. VPS is:
  • guaranteed computational power,
  • unlimited data transfer,
  • application’s flexibility,
  • independence from other users.
Management panel is used to manage your servers. It makes possible to choose an operating system, adjusting parameters, making backup copies. VPS makes it possible to divide the space made accessible freely, always with a transfer without any limits.
Activation of a server is performed automatically within 24 hours from the date the payment is credited. Server activation status is available after logging in to your account on the user panel.
Yes, offered servers are equipped with 1 IPv4 address, additionally, you can buy any number of addresses. For this purpose, please contact our Office: by phone +48 22 112 00 35 or by e-mail admin@skynode.pl.
Of course. You can use additional services such as collocation, CDN, administration, or backup.
On the page you can easily and quickly order a VPS server. All parameters can be freely configured. If you need any support, please contact us at admin@skynode.pl and we will help you choose the right parameters.
Yes, the Skynode offer is flexible and entirely adjusted to the client’s needs. It is possible to change the server’s parameters at any time. To do that please contact our office by phone +48 22 112 00 35 or e-mail admin@skynode.pl.
To ensure the highest quality of service, security of data and content placed on VPS servers are systematically copied to protected backups.
Yes, VPS servers give this possibility, this kind of activity is allowed
VPS is a good choice for most applications within web projects, their undoubted advantage is that there is no need to monitor RAM, CPU, or discs. A dedicated server is a solution for more demanding customers with a more advanced environment but requires more administration and monitoring.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated Server is a physical computer with permanent access to the Internet, completely at your disposal. All parameters can be flexibly defined, including the choice of Windows/Linux operating system. We can prepare a machine especially for you if none of the standard offers are sufficient for you.
Dedicated servers are a perfect solution for gamers, professionals, as well as companies offering Internet services - mail, servers, websites. Thanks to the implementation of an unlimited data transfer service, dedicated servers will also be suitable for companies that support: Internet radios, Internet TV, forums, or other demanding applications for which VPS server resources are insufficient.
In the panel for managing dedicated servers, the user can
  • check the state of power supply, its change,
  • hard reboot,
  • invoice status
To administrate dedicated servers the client can additionally use the free KVM service.
Of course, we can do it in two ways:
  • The customer buys a license for Windows and installs the new operating system himself using KVM access
  • The customer buys the license and sends it to admin@skynode.pl with the request to install* it on his server
  • * Installation service fee applies.
 Yes, we provide additional disk space for each purchased server, where you can make a backup by yourself. Furthermore, we provide tools in the management panel to take a snapshot of the current state of your server and restore it. Also, you can use an additional service - individual data backup. 
The dedicated server can be restarted via management panel after selecting the server where you can check the power status and perform power off/on or hard restart operation.
Yes, the servers are equipped with 1 IPv4 address as standard. Additionally, you can buy any number of addresses. For this purpose, please contact our Service Office: admin@skynode.pl +48 22 112 00 35.
Yes, our offer is flexible in a wide range. You can change the server parameters at any time. To do so, please contact our service office: admin@skynode.pl +48 22 112 00 35.

Payments and agreements

You can pay for Skynode services by traditional transfer, Paypal, or Bitpay.
An electronic invoice is available in the Customer Panel in the Invoices tab.
To do that, you should choose the PayPal payment method available on the list on the pro-forma invoice or directly when making your order.
To do that, you should log into the Client’s Panel and mark the option ‘edit the data’, next the changes need to be saved.
Each party has the right to terminate the agreement at least 30 days in advance. If the notice of termination was given by Meverywhere as a result of an amendment to the regulations, the user is entitled to a refund of the subscription fee in the amount proportional to the period during which the service will not be provided.
The billing period is, respectively: month, quarter, half a year or year.
To do this, you need to log in to the Customer Panel, where by clicking on the Invoices tab you can find the electronic versions of your invoices that can be downloaded.
The validity of the server is automatically extended after paying the proforma invoice from the electronic payment panel. Alternatively, the validity of the server can be extended automatically after a transfer to the bank account (PLN) 23 1090 1870 0000 0001 2220 8642 or (EUR) 38 1090 1870 0000 0001 3201 4296, where you should enter the hostname or customer number in the transfer title or after paying the proforma invoice from the electronic payments panel.
In this situation, we recommend using the option "I don't remember my password", the system will send a link to the e-mail address provided by you during registration, which allows you to set a new password.
You can do so by contacting us via the contact form, which can be found here or by writing to info@skynode.pl.


Backup is a service that provides any specific space for storing backup copies of data. This service consists of separating space on Mevspace storage servers to back up your data. They can be accessed using the following protocols:
  • FTP
  • sFTP
  • Rsync
  • NFS
  • CIFS
You define the archiving policy and the number of copies. Our administrators will help you to start and automate the backup process.
By using the Backup you protect your data. Backup protects your infrastructure from loss of important data irretrievably damaged by hardware failure, system error, and so on. By systematically using the Backup solution you can restore all data from before the breakdown.
No. Snapshot captures data at a given moment, providing access to previous versions. Backup is a copy that allows for complete recovery in case of damage and failure.


It’s an innovative service, destined for quick and efficient streaming of data e.g. multimedia content to a vast group of recipients. CDN Skynode by Mevspace system evenly distributes parts of data, thus eliminating overloads of internet connections slowing down loading of www webpages.
Increase the loading speed for users and Google robots and the performance of your website. CDN is several benefits affecting other factors of website efficiency such as relieving the workload of hosting, optimization of the conversion rate, and thus better positioning of the site.
For companies whose pages take too long to load and because of that lose customers all over the world. Moreover, it is an ideal service for companies running an online store, where the time of loading the page and bandwidth is crucial for increasing sales.

Servers administration

Server administration is a service that transfers part or all of the IT tasks to Mevspace administrators. This guarantees
  • a reduction in the costs of maintaining the IT infrastructure in the company,
  • comprehensive hardware service,
  • IT management,
  • cooperation with high-class specialists
Mevspace administrators are professionals in specific activities. In addition to the references, they have the appropriate qualifications and experience as well as the developed methodology. Mevspace administrators are a guarantee of safety, high-quality services with an individual, comprehensive approach to the actions performed. Our specialists are knowledge, passion, and experience.
Transferring responsibilities to Mevspace administrators means faster response times to failures because we are available 24/7/365. We take over the maintenance of infrastructure and systems, ensure business continuity and competence, reduce costs such as maintaining your own IT department or at least part of it. We take care of updates, monitor performance, and react to events in real-time.
The first stage is to verify expectations, audit security, and infrastructure. The next step is to prepare proposals with the scope of our administrative activities, competences, and responsibilities, etc. The transfer of administrative care requires you to give us administrative access. The final step is for us to assume responsibility for the client's servers and systems to the extent agreed upon.
Our server rooms fulfill TIER 3 standards. The area where the Data Center Mevspace 1 is located is covered by 24-hour protection , monitoring and access control . The Mevspace Network Operating Center works 24/7/365. Network security is supervised by advanced systems that filter traffic and threats.


Colocation consists in placing you server in our server rooms. This solution ensures high level of safety, accessibility and reliability, without the need to invest in your own server room and costly infrastructure.
Yes, our server rooms are protected from unauthorized access by antitheft systems. The server rooms are constantly monitored and only our administrators have access to it. Moreover, servers in our server rooms are secure from power outages.
No, for safety reasons only assigned administrative Mevspace staff have direct access to the server rooms. Yes, if you have a whole rack.

Dear Client

In relation to the introduction of European regulations regarding personal data (GDPR), we are writing to inform you about of an update to our Privacy Policy, which contains information on how we process your personal data and what security measures we use to provide the Skynode service.

Because processing information about your browser is necessary to providing the Skynode service, please accept our updated Privacy Policy, so that you can continue to use the site.

You can always withdraw your prior consent by clicking Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

1. Personal information processing

  1. The following privacy policy applies to services provided by Meverywhere sp. z o.o. via skynode.eu.
  2. Meverywhere sp. z o.o. is a commercial company with limited liability, with head office located at Miłobędzka Street 35, 02-634 Warszawa, Poland; subordinate to the law of the European Union and the Republic of Poland. The company is registered in national registry of companies by XIII Commercial Division of District Court for Warsaw under number KRS 0000346299 and is assigned tax identification number NIP 7282739782 and identification number REGON 100818967.
  3. Meverywhere manages and process personal information of skynode.eu in order to maintain proper service provision.
  4. Meverywhere sp. z o.o. takes activities required or recommended by law to protect the information against unauthorized processing and view.
  5. Our client’s personal data is processed for the purposes of:
    • providing services:
      • accounting and billing (according to Article 6 paragraph 1 letter f of the GDPR)
      • debt collection
      • managing contact with clients:
        1. quality of services and performance improvement
      • enabling the use of the admin panel and purchase of services (cookies for the session)
    • marketing and trading information (only with separate consent, according to Article 6 paragraph 1 letter a of the GDPR)
  6. Personal information collected from our clients during registration to the system will be used only for provision of ordered services and managing the payments (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b of the GDPR). For this purpose we process following types of data:
    • First name and last name
    • e-mail address
    • registered address (name of the street, city, zip code, voivodeship, country)
    • tax identification number or personal identity number
    • bank account number.
  7. We do not transfer to outside parties your personal information, except accounting data, processed in an automated way by third-party - Fakturownia Sp. z o.o.
  8. The accounting and billing data is kept for 60 months from the beginning of the year following the financial year in which transactions and proceedings were finally completed, paid off, squared or expired. The real time of keeping such data may be up to 10 years.
  9. Personal information collected from our clients for the purpose of correspondence and technical support:
    • First name and last name
    • registered address (name of the street, city, zip code, voivodeship, country)
    • job position
    • e-mail address
    • phone number
    • IP address
    Information collected during correspondence will be used only to provide the response. Contact details and correspondence is kept by the period of providing the services and additionally for 60 months after the agreement termination, in order to secure claims. After this period data and its copies are removed from all media.
  10. Personal information collected from our clients for the marketing purpose:
    • First name and last name
    • registered address (name of the street, city, zip code, voivodeship, country)
    • job position
    • e-mail address.
    These data related to currently provided services are used only to promote the new offer of Meverywhere Sp. z o.o. They are not processed automatically or transferred to third parties. Taking care of the privacy of our clients, we do not use automatic profiling or remarketing. We store them for the period during which consent is given.
  11. Meverywhere may collect IP addresses from network traffic of provided services for maintenance, statistical or required by law purposes. Data collected for maintenance and law purposes is kept by the period of 12 months. However data collected for statistical purposes is anonymised and kept for an indefinite period.
  12. The data collected is processed only for the purposes necessary to provide the service.
  13. Any collected data is kept in secret unless it is required to fulfill the law of the Republic of Poland or the European Union.
  14. Meverywhere may refuse to stop processing personal information as long as the information is required for conducting trials of pending liabilities or law violations. In the case information may be only processed in extend required for conducting trials of pending liabilities or law violations (Article 17 paragraph 3 letter e of the GDPR).

2. Information update

  1. User has the right to drawback previously issued consent (Article 7 paragraph 3 of the GDPR), and also to inspect, to modify (rectify), to limit processing (Article 18 of the GDPR), to transfer data (Article 20 of the GDPR) and to demand to delete their data from all media by the data administrator, as well as all entities processing data for the benefit of the administrator - in this case - Meverywhere.
  2. The privileges granted to the user from the rights referred to in Article 2 para. 1, via management panel when logged in (insight, modification, withdrawal of consent) or by direct request to Meverywhere sp. z o.o. via contact form available on skynode.eu/contact or by sending an e-mail on iod@meverywhere.pl.
  3. Data acquired automatically may be the subject of update or erase, provided it does contain personal information.

3. Use of cookies

  1. Skynode.eu may use cookie files for web browser identification occurring during service provision provided cookies are free of personal information.
  2. Cookies are small files sent by a website and saved on the user’s computer (usually on the hard drive), enabling Meverywhere to care for the quality of provided services and maintaining user’s satisfaction. Cookies allow us to provide services via skynode.eu, thanks to which there is a possibility to choose the offer and use a shopping cart. We use cookies on the grounds of Article 6 paragraph 1 letters b and f of the GDPR.
  3. According to Article 6 paragraph 1 letter f of the GDPR, we process data for statistical purposes and direct marketing. Data which Meverywhere Sp. z o.o. Is unable to identify are used in Google Analytics tool designed to traffic measurement. To avoid profiling through the Google Advertising Display Network, please follow the instructions at: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/181881. For more information about the services provided by Google LLC, please visit this site: https://policies.google.com/privacy/update.
  4. In analytical scripts such as Google Analytics, to ensure the highest level of data security Skynode uses anonymisation at an early stage.
  5. Using Google Analytics or similar scripts, Skynode anonymises data on early stage, which precludes tieing IP address with particular user.
  6. In the user experience analysis scripts on the Skynode website, i.e. SmartLook, full data anonymisation is used, none of the personal data is processed by us.

4. Security of processed personal information

  1. Sensitive data processed by Meverywhere sp. z o.o. is stored on computers protected against unauthorized access according to High Security Level, original name ‘wysoki poziom bezpieczeństwa’, described in the act of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration of the Republic of Poland, original name ‘rozporządzenie ministra spraw wewnętrznych i administracji z dnia 29 kwietnia 2004r., w sprawie dokumentacji przetwarzania danych osobowych oraz warunków technicznych i organizacyjnych, jakim powinny odpowiadać urządzenia i systemy informatyczne służące do przetwarzania danych osobowych’.
  2. In pursuance of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) of April 27th, 2016, all data collected by Meverywhere sp. z o.o. is processed according to specific and predefined purposes. Meverywhere grants an access to this data only to people responsible for processing personal information.

5. Final statements

  1. Meverywhere sp. z o.o. may update the privacy policy by publishing on the web page skynode.eu. The updated policy is applicable upon user agreement to the updated version.
  2. In case of questions related to the protection of privacy user is encouraged to contact Meverywhere sp. z o.o. via contact form available on the contact page on skynode.eu web pages or by sending an e-mail to following address: iod@meverywhere.pl.
With the date of May 25th, 2018, all personal data breaches should be reported to PUODO (President of the Office for Personal Data Protection - Polish government institution responsible for personal information protection).

Valid since 25.05.2018