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General questions
Server is your computer on the internet. It is a possibility of managing its resources freely and dividing them into particular functions. Server makes it possible maintain a company’s www site, e-mail accounts, databases, websites’ servicing, storing files, preparing backup versions of files, internet forums’ and blogs’ servicing. Skynode is reliable equipment, constantly connected to the Web, operating 24/7. Skynode servers ensure safety and verify identity by means of logging in. Moreover, you have at your disposal constant support of IT specialists.
Hosting consists in making a given place on a server accessible. The space in question can be freely used e.g. for e-mail handling, websites handling etc. Skynode Hosting makes it possible to store a large number of files, www websites, online applications and extensive databases.
Yes, Skynode helpdesk offers professional technical support, available 24/7. Our professionals guarantee quick and efficient answer (maximum time for an answer is 24 working hours). We offer technical support in all aspects concerning services offered by us. Our server rooms are located in Warsaw, that is why our experts have almost immediate access to the servers, which ensures a prompt reaction to any possible failures. Skynode technical support is a certainty of your data nonstop safety. Additionally, Skynode offers a comprehensive service of IT infrastructure administration.
Send us an e-mail at our helpdesk address admin@skynode.pl, and our specialists will do it for you - free of charge!
Server rooms
We have at our disposal two professional server rooms, ensuring the highest quality of services, safety and appropriate technical parameters. Technological infrastructure of our server rooms reduces the failure risk only to an inconsiderable one. Thanks to systematically performed tests and technical reviews our hardware is foolproof. Our server rooms are professionally secured, equipped with emergency power supply systems, emergency internet connections, systems of early warning and instant informing technical staff about any failures. For safety reasons only authorized administrators have access to the server rooms. The reliability of our services is guarded by our quick reaction team which takes care of the safety and efficient operating of the servers 24/7. Skynode server rooms are the best environment for your servers.
Two independent Skynode server rooms are located in Warsaw within a distance of about 6 km from each other, co-creating Warsaw’s fibre-optic network.
VPS, virtual private server is an independent space on a virtualization server. VPS Skynode makes it possible to freely define resources, which will fully answer individual needs. VPS Skynode is an economic path of beginning to explore the possibilities of Skynode offer.
VPS Skynode server is an ideal solution for individual users, small and medium companies. Private virtual server will also form a great base for a professional, commercial blog or vertical portal. Virtual server is also suitable for online companies. These include internet stores or industry forums. VPS Skynode is a perfect solution for those companies which seek a safe and efficient environment to test new web applications and services at a reasonable price. VPS Skynode is: Guaranteed computational power, Unlimited data transfer, Application’s flexibility, Independence from other users.
Skynode management panel is used to manage your servers. It makes possible to choose an operating system, adjusting parameters, making backup copies. VPS Skynode makes it possible to divide the space made accessible freely, always with a transfer without any limits.
Activation of a server is performed automatically within 24 hours following payment booking date. Server’s activation state is available following logging to the account on the user’s panel.
On the page you can easily and quickly order a VPS Skynode server. All parameters can be configured according to you wishes. If you need any support please contact us at admin@skynode.pl and we will help you choose the right parameters.
Skynode servers typically have one IPv4 address; you can additionally buy any number of addresses. If you wish to buy them, please contact our office by phone +48 22 100 32 48 or e-mail admin@skynode.pl
Yes, the Skynode offer is flexible, entirely adjusted to the client’s needs. It is possible to change the server’s parameters at any time. To do that please contact our office by phone +48 22 100 32 48 or e-mail admin@skynode.pl
In the interest of the highest service quality and data safety, contents of the VPS Skynode servers are copied to protected backup copies periodically.
Yes, VPS Skynode servers offer such possibility and this type of activity is acceptable.
Of course, you can always make use of additional Skynode services such as colocation, CDN, administration, backup.
Dedicated servers
Skynode dedicated server is a separate physical computer entirely given at your disposal. All its parameters can be defined flexibly. We can construe a machine just for you, if none of the default offers is suitable for you!
Skynode dedicated servers are a perfect solution for professionals, companies offering online services – e-nail, servers, www websites services. Thanks to the introduction of an unlimited data transfer, Skynode dedicated servers are also suitable for companies running online radios or TV’s, forums or any other demanding applications, for which VPS servers’ resources are insufficient.
Yes, for each server ordered Skynode offers additional disk space on which a backup copy can be prepared by oneself. In the management panel Skynode provides tools for preparing a snapshot of the current state of the server and restoring. Moreover, there is an additional service that can be used – individual data backup.
Dedicated server can be restarted using the Skynode management panel. Having indicated the server, one can check power supply state and perform the operation of turning the power supply off/on or a hard restart. You can also use KVM service if ordered.
In the management panel of Skynode dedicated server user can check the state of the power supply, change it or make a hard restart. If the user ordered additional equipment, he/she can additionally use the KVM service.
Yes. Skynode servers typically have one IPv4 address; you can additionally buy any number of addresses. If you wish to do that, please contact our office by phone +48 22 100 32 48 or e-mail admin@skynode.pl
Yes, the Skynode offer is flexible to a great extent. It is possible to change the server’s parameters at any time. If you wish to do that, please contact our office by phone +48 22 100 32 48 or e-mail admin@skynode.pl
Payments and agreements
Electronic invoice is available in the Client’s Panel in the Invoices tab.
To do that, you should choose the PayPal payment method available on the list on the pro-forma invoice or directly when making your order.
To do that, you should log into the Client’s Panel and mark the option ‘edit the data’, next the changes need to be saved.
Each of the parties is entitled to give notice of the agreement with at least 30 days in advance. If the notice is given by Meverywhere as a result of change in the regulations, the user is entitled to a reimbursement of fee proportionally to the period for which the service will not be performed. Installation fee is not reimbursed.
Settlement period is one month, one quarter or one year respectively.
To do that, you should log into the Client’s Panel, electronic versions of your invoices, that you can download are in the tab documents.
Validity of a server is prolonged automatically after the payment of a pro-forma invoice from the electronic payments panel. Alternatively, you can prolong the validity of a server automatically following making a transfer to 41 1090 1870 0000 0001 1950 5122 account, where you indicate the host name or client’s number in the title of the transfer or having paid the pro-forma invoice from the electronic payments.
In such situation we recommend using the ‘I don’t remember the password’ option, the system will send a link making it possible to define a new password to the e-mail address given by you during registration.
Backup Skynode is a service consisting in making freely defined space accessible, intended for storing a data backup copy. This service consists in separating space for a backup copy of your data on our storage servers. Your data can be accessed via ftp, sftp, rsync protocoles. You choose archiving frequency and the number of data copies that you wish to store. Our administartors will help you in launching and automatizing the backup process.
It’s an innovative service, destined for quick and efficient streaming of data e.g. multimedia content to a vast group of recipients. CDN Skynode system evenly distributes parts of data, thus eliminating overloads of internet connections, slowing down loading of www webpages.
Skynode administration service
Skynode administration is a system of innovative services for business, using new technologies, advanced solutions and specialist exchange of know-how knowledge.
Skynode administration is a service consisting in transferring a part of IT task to our professional administrators.
Service’s added value is:
- Lowering the costs of keeping IT infrastructure within the company,
- Comprehensive hardware service as well as IT management,
- Cooperation with top professionals.
Skynode administrators are professionals specializing in definite activities. Apart from letters of recommendation they have appropriate qualifications and experience and worked out methodology of actions. Skynode administrators are a guarantee of safety, high quality of services with an individual, thorough approach to the activities performed. Our professionals mean: expertise, passion, experience.
Skynode colocation consists in placing you server in our server rooms. This solution ensures high level of safety, accessibility and reliability, without the need to invest in your own server room and costly infrastructure.
Yes, our server rooms are protected from unauthorized access by antitheft systems. The server rooms are constantly monitored and only our administrators have access to it. Moreover, servers in our server rooms are secure from power outages.
No, for safety reasons only assigned administrative staff have direct access to the server rooms.

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