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Dedicated about

Dedicated servers - information

A dedicated server is a separated physical computer, which resources are at your exclusive disposal. Dedicated server is a solution providing the highest efficiency and discretion of physical resources use. Skynode dedicated server offers a possibility of exclusive management and administration of hardware. User can install software, share the disk space with other users, store websites, web mail as well as online applications. Dedicated servers are managed with such operating systems as Linux or Windows.

Dedicated server means
  • Greatest efficiency

    All of the machine’s resources are ready to be used for the needs of your application, maintaining large websites and any databases of your choice. You can choose hardware components according to your needs.

  • Possibility of creating virtual environments

    If you wish to use all the VPS servers’ advantages, you can personally administer and optimize your own virtual environment.

  • Scalability

    If necessary, you can launch additional machines and build your own clusters, thus gaining a proportional increase in resources available.

  • Free choice of operating system and software

    The choice of operating system is yours. Linux operating systems are installed free of charge, while if you wish to install Windows operating system, please contact our customer service center.

Dedicated servers

Monthly transfer Unlimited
IPv4 addresses 1
IPv6 addresses /64
Backup copy Additional Service
Root access (shell)
Remote console (KVM over IP) optional
Remote restart
Phone and email support
24/7 administrators support
Services management panel
Localization Warsaw, Poland
Operating system Linux / Windows (optional)

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